Community Services

Find additional information on existing businesses and community organizations in the Village of Barons.

Existing Services and Business in Barons

  • Manufacturing
  • Trucking Firms
  • Trenching Services
  • Welding
  • Carpentry & Construction
  • Post Office
  • Local Newsletter
  • Insurance/Registry Office
  • Various Service Clubs & Organizations

Family and Community Support Services

Recreation Facilities

  • Spacious Community Hall with All Facilities
  • R V Park/Campsite – no service hookups of water or power available
  • 9-hole Golf Course at Keho Lake
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Tennis Court/Basketball Hoops
  • Close to Keho Lake – Windsurfing and Fishing


All Grades (K to XII) in Nobleford, students are bused nine miles. High School is available in Claresholm, although busing is not available. An Alternate Education Program (Mennonite) is offered through the Barons School.


Barons’ United Church services are held on specific Sunday’s at times posted in the newsletter or post office.

Upcoming Events