Village History

Here, find information on the history of the Village of Barons including key historical dates, events and personalities.

In the spring of 1909 Canadian Pacific Railway bought the present townsite of Barons. Lots were sold by C.S. Noble, an agent for the C.P.R.

The station was originally called “Baron”, after a railway official, but as people referred to the Baron’s Bank and the Baron’s Store, the “s” was added to the name.

Barons was incorporated as municipality on May 6th, 1910. Early buildings included hardware and grocery stores, lumber yards, a bank, feedmill, dance hall, opera house and a hotel. There was also a pool hall which was moved and is now located in Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta.

Barons and area is first and foremost a wheat producing center. The quality of grain produced by several of Barons’ farmers won honours and awards in Chicago, Toronto, and Calgary seed fairs.

Barons continues to thrive as an agricultural center. Area farmers have diversified their crops to include peas, canola, flax, barley and new varieties of wheat like “Soft White” wheat used in pastries. Animal husbandry has also been introduced to the area with beef, chicken and pork production as the primary industries. The diversification has led to numerous employment opportunities.

Sports have always been very popular with baseball and curling being two of the favorites. People would travel from all over the district to take in a ball game. One notable player was “Slim” Haynes who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Another claim to fame for Barons is the ‘Silver Screen’ debut for it’s role in the original “Superman” movie filmed in 1978 as the location for Clark Kent’s boyhood school.

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