Licensing and Permits

Find general information on the licensing and permits required in the Village of Barons.

Development Permit

Available at the Village Office, a $100.00 non-refundable fee shall be submitted with each application for a development permit.

Business Licence

On January 1st of each year, a yearly Business Licence is required for every business operating in Barons at a cost of $30.00 each. For out of town businesses, the fee is $110.00. The licences can be obtained at the Village Office.

Dog Licence

A licence fee is required for all dogs over six months old. Fees are $50.00 per dog for animals not neutered or spayed or a $10.00 fee for each spayed or neutered dogs. Dog licences are available at the Village Office and are to be renewed each year, no later than January 31st of each year.

Additional Dog Information

There is a maximum of two dogs allowed per household unless a Dog Fanciers License is obtained. This special license will allow for up to a maximum of four dogs.

Please be considerate of other residents and neighbours. Dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed to be running at large. Dogs being a public nuisance or causing a disturbance such as constant barking or howling, biting or chasing will be fined and charged to the owner. Female dogs in heat must be confined during this time. For more information on the Dog Bylaw #662, please come to the Village Office for a copy.

For concerns please contact the Village Office (403) 757-3633.


Owners are required to keep their premises clean and neat according to Bylaw #657. N0 building materials lying around, motor vehicles being taken apart and left outside of a garage or building, nor untidy premises will be tolerated. Each household is allowed only one unlicensed vehicle. The Village appreciates your co-operation in this matter! Untidy premises may result in a fine being levied and if no compliance to the Village’s request for clean-up, the Village may hire the services of an independent contractor to remedy and the costs will be applied to your tax roll as an amount owing.

Bylaw Enforcement

Any complaints should be directed to the Village bylaw officer during regular business hours.

Bylaw Officer: John Herasemluk – (403) 635-2529

Mowing Grass

Mowing is the responsibility of the owner. If a lawn is not maintained, the Village may cut the grass at a charge of $150.00 per hour.


The Village of Barons has instituted a burning ban within village limits with the exception of Legal Fire Pits, portable or stationary. In fire pits, only clean dry firewood is allowed to be burned. Leaves, twigs and other wood materials must be disposed of accordingly. A copy of the Burning or Fire Pit Bylaw can be obtained at the Village Office. Yard waste such as grasses, leaves, branches/wood can be deposited in the bin behind the Village office. This bin is not to be used for disposal of any household items. Any construction waste or household materials must be taken to the Waste Transfer Station in Nobleford at your cost. Any dumping of garbage and waste on other properties will result in a fine.

The Village does not provide for a designated “Clean Up” day.

Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected every Wednesday. It is to be put at the front curb by 7:00 a.m. Please note there are NO Toxic Materials allowed; only household garbage will be picked up. A reminder that no yard waste or materials other than regular household garbage or construction material will be picked up. Please ensure that your garbage is bagged properly and is kept away from animals and/or birds.


The Village of Barons follows water restrictions during warmer months. Watering day notices will be posted around the Village or at the Village Office if a restriction is imposed. The Village maintains the main lines. Lines running from the property line to the structure or building is the responsibility of the property owner and costs will be charged back at a rate of $150.00 per hour for labour/equipment and the cost for any materials used.


Available at the Village Office at a cost of $1.00 per sheet. No copyrighted materials can be photocopied.


Stationed behind the Old Barons Firehall. Please take the time to organize your recyclables in the proper bins and be sure to break down all boxes. Plastics can no longer be recycled, so please dispose of these accordingly. This service is strictly for Recyclables – NO HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE OR MATERIALS PLEASE! These items must be disposed of at the nearest Landfill Transfer Station, located between Barons and Nobleford. This service is for Village residents only.

Boulevard’s, Alley’s and Sidewalks

These are the responsibility of the property/business owner. In the summer, the boulevards are to be watered and mowed, and in winter sidewalks are to be cleared of snow and ice.