Assessment and Taxation

View the Village of Baron’s current Municipal Tax BYLAW (2023).

Highlights of Municipal Tax BYLAW

  • Municipal taxes are due by August 1st.
  • A late penalty fee of 12% will be applied after this date and again on January 1st on all outstanding taxes in arrears, including penalties.
  • Assessment disputes must be filed within sixty (60) days of the mailing of the assessment. See below for more information.
  • The minimum amount payable for property taxes is $500.00
  • If property taxes are paid in full by August 1st the homeowner will be eligible for a 1% savings on the current year’s taxes.
  • Payment options are available. Contact the Village Office for details.

Calculation of Taxes

Municipal taxes for the Village of Barons are determined as:

  • Expenses – Revenue = Funding required for the operation of the Village (this includes the portion due to the Green Acres and School requisitions).
  • Mill Rate = Value of assessments/Required funding

Included in the assessments are those portions from business, farm land, commercial, properties,

Property values are not set by the Village of Barons. A provincial assessor reviews Village properties every four years to determine base values that reflect long-term values while avoiding short-term fluctuation in the housing market.

Review of Your Assessment

If you do not understand, or disagree, with your assessment for the current tax year, the assessed person is entitled to see or receive sufficient information about the assessed property in accordance with Section 299 of the Act or a summary of an assessment in accordance with Section 300 of the Act, or both. Please contact the Village of Barons or the Assessor for more information.

Assessor – Logan Wehlage, Benchmark Assessment
Ph:  (403) 381-0535
Email:  [email protected]

Village of Barons – Jen Durell, Administrator
Ph: (403) 757-3633
Fax: (404) 757-2599
Email: [email protected]

Appealing your Assessment

If, after having discussed your assessment details with an assessor, your are still of the opinion that your assessment is incorrect, you may file a written complaint to the Assessment Review Board. Your complaint must set out in detail the reasons your feel the assessment is incorrect and must be made on the prescribed form and accompanied by the required filing fee.

What are the steps to file an assessment complaint to the Assessment Review Board?

  1. Each complaint must be set out on a form(S) specified by the Province of Alberta. Assessment complaint and agent authorization forms are available by contacting the Village of Barons.
  2. The form(s) must be filled out completely, including the reasons for a complaint (be prepared to present evidence at the hearing).
  3. The appropriate fee(s) must accompany the complaint form.
  4. The form(s) must be returned by the deadline specified on the front of your assessment notice to:
COMPLAINT FEES payable to the Village of BaronsFee
Residential – 3 or fewer dwellings and farm land$50.00
Residential – 4 or more dwellings, Commercial & Industrial$650.00

Complaints with an incomplete form or submitted after the due date or without the required fee are invalid.

  • An Assessment Review Board has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints about assessments for linear property.
  • The Municipal Government Board has jurisdiction to hear complaints about assessments for linear property.