Drought Conditions – please take note

With extended dry, hot weather and several southern Alberta water basins experiencing shortages, the Village of Barons asks that everyone do their part in conserving water.

As a Municipality that receives treated water from the Town of Nobleford, the Village has been asked to be proactive with water conservation efforts to avoid mandatory restrictions. Voluntary action now will help prevent the need for mandatory action in the coming days and weeks.

As such, we are requesting that residents, businesses, and institutions voluntarily conserve water by:

  • Limiting all outdoor uses including watering lawns and washing cars.
  • Do not run the tap unnecessarily. Consider reusing water where possible.
  • Minimize shower time and bath levels.
  • Use the washer and dishwasher only when necessary.

The Village will be taking steps in turn to conserve water by:

  • Reducing watering in parks and at the entry sign
  • Closing the car wash for the time being

We greatly appreciate everyone’s involvement and efforts in the conservation of water!